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Google turned 20 and is a good reason to consider:

How good is our Internet strategy?

The growth of the companies that lead the Internet is so excessive that they have become the most valuable. In a few years they have displaced oil companies, banks and other conglomerates that dominated the world of brick and mortar.

Entrepreneurs and Internet companies took the opportunity to sell tickets, taking a place on the air transportation and tourism industry (airlines, wholesalers and travel retailers).

Consumers use: Google Flight, Kayak, Skyscanner, Momondo, Awardex, Despegar, Booking, Priceline, Orbitz, etc. who came to the business without the prejudices of the tourism industry.

An Internet pure play company, has incorporated the dot com, net,, it, fr, de,,... according to the country, in the brand.

Brick and mortar companies misuse Internet capabilities.  Where is the domain name?

For example, if a company advertises its brand as "Malaysia", the consumer will search on Google. The result will be the tourist destination (which is the country), with millions of pages and competition offering tours.

The new logo of Malaysia incorporates the word "airlines" in the same size.


malaysia 2


Looking for "Malaysia airlines", the result in a search engine will be the airline, but competitors will pay advertising to the search engine to be close.

The marketing effort should be focused on: to invite to enter directly to the website though the browser.


First step: look for the best domain name

Norwegian Air Shuttle, founded in 1993, is a low-cost airline, which started operations in Scandinavia. Then he decided to expand to other markets with the same concept.


norwegian 1


In November 2012, it bought the domain name at $ 700,000 (seven hundred thousand dollars) from the company Marchex (according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission - (a)

The domain is part of all advertising campaigns of the company. Naturally includes its airplanes.


retail logo


Internet is a new distribution channel and the fastest growing and important advertising media. Google breathes the Internet for 20 years, amazon began selling books in USA. Ebay, Alibaba, Despegar, Mercado Libre...

A brand leveraging strategy should include the Internet domain name. One of the most important branding decisions you’ll ever make is picking the perfect domain name.

The domain name is strategic, because:

1. is our identity

2. the address where the client can find me.


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