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The biggest innovation of the ceramic industry was the creation of porcellanato. Some brands took advantage of it, first in Italy, then in the rest of the world.

Today, Porcellanato is more than 75% of the total ceramic tile production in Italy.

Production, measured in terms of square meters, has been increased as well as the technical possibilities regarding design, size, shapes which may be adapted to the market needs; porcellanato can faithfully emulate wood, metals, fabrics and cement, large sizes, extra thin, etc.

Firms realize that the best way to grown is achieved through product innovation, trying to make their brand imperative.  

People want to live better, in a better environment ... People are not interested in products and even less in brands.

To communicate a brand, you have to get the customer's attention. Understanding people´s interests.

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Iris Ceramica Group (Fiandre, Eiffelgres, Stonepeak, Porcelaingres, FMG, Ariostea, Sapienstone, Granitech) developed an online architecture portal to showcase projects, interviews and news that interest architects and consumers.

The Group assigned different domain names (floornature.it floornature.com floornature.eu floornature.de floornature.es) to be able to achieve leadership in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.

Marketing preaches. If we succeed in arousing the interest of the consumer, the preaching can be received. Then the client will say yes or no.


Weber, a Saint-Gobain company, focused on communication in the professionals with a guide that presents typical problems of construction and how to solve them. Today it is online, but before it was a very complete annual guide printed on paper.


Launched in 2016 by Sain Gobain, Homly-you.com is the new digital intermediation platform connecting individuals to qualified premium professionals to conduct their renovation work (similar to TripAdvisor in hotels business). They obtain first-hand information from clients and professionals, following where the consumer is going.

To continue building a brand would be convenient:

1. End with the idea of superiority of my brand.

2. Adjust the message in tune with the interests and needs of the client. Because it increases the credibility and authority of the brand.

3. Be self-critical. Consumers do not have a laboratory. They see brands of similar quality. A blind product test (without brand) will help measure product preferences.

4. It is not a bad idea to develop your own media, like Iris ceramics or Saint Gobain.

Use the power of digital to create new value. Empower your business and brand with Internet presence.


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author: Julio Sol

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