A very high percentage of shoppers conduct online research before they make a purchase. It doesn´t matter if they are going to buy an electronic product, a bicycle or porcelain tile, they always make a previous consultation online.  

For billions of people, the Internet has become a key component of their everyday lives.

Many companies have moved away from the consumer. In the ceramic industry, a few brands have exclusive stores or franchises, such as:  Porcelanosa, Portobello in Brazil and Ricchetti.

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Ricchetti Group:

Höganäs (CC Hoganas Byggkeramikk AB, a Swedish company, market leader for the marketing of ceramic with a brand famous for over a century and a market share of more than 25%).

Evers (Danish company market leader in the marketing of ceramic and complementary products, is a point of reference for architects and builders in the high level market with a share of 10-15%.)


Own stores involve a significant investment and management effort. On the other hand, it is difficult to sustain a market with visits from time to time and a regional fair.


Distribution channels are more concentrated. Home centers and companies with purchasing offices in China, India, etc., deteriorates the bargaining power of the brands, and has a negative impact on the bottom line.

Every day is more difficult to differentiate products and services in this industry. Many retailers set prices for factories. They get more discounts waiting for the last 3 or 4 days of the month to place their orders.

If the consumer and buyer are permanently online, your company must be the leader on the Internet.

In the distribution channels the barriers are high. That´s why, many companies do not invest in their own store chain.

According to Saint Gobain, the low cost of investment to launch an online commerce platform has reduced barriers to entry.

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Amazon partners with Fiat Chrysler to sell cars online in Italy. The partnership will appeal to buyers looking for deals from the comfort of their own home.


How to position a company online?

Choose a memorable domain name.

Case: cars.com

Newspaper companies (Classified Ventures LLC) made a smart move in the 1990s investing in online auto classifieds:  Cars.com lets user check prices, compare models and read reviews. (1)

The Wall Street Journal reported that Classified Ventures may seek $3 billion. Classified Ventures sold apartments.com for $585 million to CoStar Group Inc.(2014)(2)

What domain name is best for the car industry?...

Internet positioning is built by words. Keywords.  The first one is the domain name. Then the title of the site and title of each page.

Looking for a car for sale?

The user starts with a Google search. They are searching Fiat 500. In that search the position of Fiat is strong.  But, what is the result if the user searches for compact SUV?

You have to master the category.

The household recognizes few porcelain tile brands. They will search for: "porcelain tile, porcellanato, porcelanato, porcelanico, gres cerame, carrelage, fliesen, feinsteinzeug, fliser, tegels, kakel, fayans,.. according to the language"


Examples of domain name and titles

Marazzi (Mohawk Group)    

domain name: "home title"

marazzi.it:   "Piastrelle e Pavimenti Marazzi - Ceramica e Gres porcellanato Marazzi"

marazzi.de:    "Fliesen und Bodenbeläge Marazzi - Keramik und Feinsteinzeug | Marazzi"

marazzi.fr: "Carreaux et revêtements de sol Marazzi - Céramique et Grès cérame | Marazzi"

marazzi.es:   "Azulejos y Pavimentos Marazzi - Cerámica y Gres porcelánico | Marazzi"

Ricchetti Group

domain name: "home title"

riccheti.it:   "Produzione di Piastrelle in Gres Porcellanato per Pavimenti e Rivestimenti - Ricchetti"

ceramichecisa.it:  " Piastrelle in Gres Porcellanato per Pavimenti e Rivestimenti -  Cisa Ceramiche"

evers.dk: " Evers er Danmarks største leverandør af klinker og fliser. | Evers

cchoganas.se: "Om kakel & klinker | CC Höganäs"

Use the power of digital to create new value. Empower your business and brand with Internet presence.  Be sure you have a strong online strategy.



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(2) https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2014-03-09/cars-com-s-owners-said-to-work-with-moelis-on-sale-of-website